Polymer Char is devoted to the development of state-of-art instrumentation for Polyolefin Analysis. They offers the broadest and most modern range of instruments and services for structural characterization of polyolefins such as Gel Permeations Chromatography (GPC/SEC), Chemical Composition Distribution, Bivariate Distribution, High Temperature HPLC, Soluble Fraction determination, Quality Control, Intrinsic Viscosity measurement, Preparative Fractionation or Infrared Detection.

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Bivariate Distribution Products


A break through of Polymer Char in high resolution cross-fractionation of Polyolefins has been made possible by two-dimensional distribution relating molar mass and composition variables. It is capable to complete cross-fractionation without loss of information.

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A practical alternative to preparative fractionation methods - Polymer Char's analytical SGIC 2D instrument is now able to measure composition - molar mass interdependence in hours instead of days, with limited solvent consumption and no manual intervention, in an intrinsically safe setup.

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