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Blown Film Line

Blown Film Line

The blown film lines are used to produce high-quality blown films to measure impurities, haze, gloss, density and other characteristics. Adjustable wooden grids and Teflon coated rolls convert the film bubble into a flat layer film while some guiding rolls prevent wrinkles. An optical device measures the width of the flattened film and controls the diameter of the film bubble. The tower height is electrically driven and adjustable. The take-off nip rolls are driven pneumatically and their temperature is optionally controlled.

All parameters of the system, e.g. extruder speed, temperature, haul-off speed, film width, film bubble ratio, etc. are stored in the touch panel control system, which guarantees the reproducibility of the film quality at any time.


  • Electrically driven tower to adjust the operation height
  • Automatic bubble diameter control according to the set film width
  • Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment
  • Operation via touch panel with data trending as well as optical and acoustic Alarm functions
  • Basic components includes:
  • - Extruder type ME 20, 25, 30 mm with Blow Film Die 30, 50, 75 mm
    - Blown Film Tower & Winder Unit (BFT MFA)

Die diameter 30, 50, 75 mm
Die gap 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 mm
Blow-up film diameter up to 180 or 240 mm
Flattened film width up to 280 or 380 mm
Haul-off speed up to 15 m/min