Cast Film Line /
Blown Film Line

Cast Film Line

The OCS Cast Film Line produces high quality flat film and is given the option to detect and measure optical and physical properties. All settings and parameters are stored in the touch panel control systems, which guarantees the reproducibility of the film at any time. Devices for detecting gels, contaminations, degradations as well as measuring haze, gloss, density and additives ca be attached to the line.


  • Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment
  • Operation via touch panel with data trending as well as optical and acoustic Alarm functions
  • WEB browser for remote control
  • Several options for data communication
  • Easy Exchangeable chill roll sleeve simplifies the maintenance and reduces costs
  • Basic components includes
  • Extruder type ME 20, 25, 30 mm with Die 20, 50, 100, 150, 300 mm
  • Winder Unit (MFA)

Extruder Type ME 20, 25, 30 mm
Cast film die 20, 50, 100, 150, 300 mm
Gap fix or flexible
MFA up to 15 m/min