Since 1988, Radiant Technologies has been innovating in characterization equipment for non-volatile memory technologies, non-linear electromechanical materials, MEMS, and actuator/sensors. Radiant Technologies pioneered the first ferroelectric test system which quickly became the worldwide industry standard for characterizing non-linear materials. Precision and accuracy are the key focus in the engineering of its test equipment and thin ferroelectric film components. Testers are designed to minimize distortion and maximize accuracy.

Available Test Systems:
  • Precision Multiferroic II, the most advanced tester on the market.
  • Precision Premier II, advanced tester with great performance
  • Precision LC II, general purpose tester for universities and research laboratories
  • Precision RT66C, flexible unit with affordable price
*Precision Multiferroic II, Precision Premier II and Precision LC II has ±10V output with 100V, 200V and 500V built-in drive voltage options available, and expandable to 10kV

Vision Data Acquisition Software
  • Vision is a revolutionary software package that provides exceptional freedom to design, conduct, and review all procedures associated with any material experiment.
  • The Vision test environment will collect all data acquired in a test sequence and organize it in archived data structures along with the test sequence definitions and data analysis tools.
  • Measurement tasks include Hysteresis, Small Signal Capacitance, Leakage, General Monopolar, Curve Energy, Fatigue, PUND, and Optional tasks include Piezo-electric, Pyro-electric, Magneto-electric, Transistor, DLTS, PAINT.
  • The experiment can always be recalled or reproduced.¬†¬†Data and test conditions can be shared over the Internet to allow collaborative research.

Tester Accessories:
  • High Voltage Testing
  • Non Heated Piezoelectric Test Bundle for Bulk Ceramics
  • Piezoelectric Test Bundle for Thin Films
  • Bulk Ceramic High Temperature/ High Voltage Test Fixtures
  • Precision Nano Displacement Sensor
  • Transistor Testing
  • Thin Film Test Stations
  • Magneto-electric Bundles for Thin Films and Bulk Ceramics

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : https://www.ferrodevices.com