FOM alphaSC

The FOM alphaSC slot-die coating system provides the ultimate combination of control, functionality and versatility in thin film research and production thereby enabling experimental freedom in the formulation of coating recipes. There is a choice of manual or automatic position of the slot-die head. The manual or the motorized programmed height and side shift can be adjusted up to a resolution of 1um. The system is easy to operate with execution of repeated precision coatings in a predictable and controllable way that provide further insights to researchers on the variables of the coating process.


  • Excellent layer definition, uniformity, and repeatability
  • Fully motorized for precision motion and positioning
  • Advanced coating automation functions via intuitive laptop interface
  • Compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates
  • Outstanding flatness and fixation on microporous vacuum table
  • Substrates up to 300x300 mm
  • Substrate heating up to 200°C in addition to hot air + IR oven module optionv
  • 100% Servo-driven motion systems
  • Turnkey glovebox compatibility
  • Compatible with fluids up to 50,000 cP
  • Simple film thickness control
  • Uniform dry film thicknesses from tens of nanometers to hundreds of microns
  • High material efficiency compared to blade & spin coating
  • Simple scaling from lab to R2R on FOM moduloR2C