The FOM arcRC slot-die coating machine is designed to simulate industrial roll-based coating in a smaller and lab-friendly form factor. It provides a seamless, accelerated user workflow and excellent control for coating a wide variety of active materials using industrial-grade components and a user-friendly interface. The system is the ideal starting point for device processing development due to its ability to process numerous devices. At the same time, it also allows users to bridge the gap between fundamental research and pilot-scale production with an emphasis on developing roll-supported coating process.


  • Lab-scale simulation of R2R coating
  • Adjustable slot-die angles for flow and shear control
  • Unique drum cooling system for easy coating temperature adjustments
  • Integrated reversible syringe pump
  • Automated coating via intuitive laptop interface
  • Turnkey glovebox compatibility
  • Coating width up to 200mm and coating length up to 1m
  • Compatible with fluids up to 50,000 cP
  • Simple film thickness control
  • Uniform dry film thicknesses from tens of nanometers to hundreds of microns
  • High material efficiency compared to blade & spin coating
  • Simple scaling from lab to R2R on FOM moduloR2C