Achieve Flawless Surfaces with Metkon Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine: Precision, Performance, and Perfection

Elevate your material analysis with Metkon, the leading name in high-precision grinding and polishing. Our comprehensive range of equipment and consumables empowers you to prepare samples with unparalleled accuracy and consistency, unlocking the secrets hidden within.

Unleash the Potential of Your Materials:

  • Metallography: Prepare metals, alloys, and composites for detailed microstructural analysis.
  • Petrography: Reveal the intricate texture and composition of rocks and minerals.
  • Materials Science: Explore new materials, investigate micro-cracks, and unlock the secrets of material properties with confidence.
  • Ceramics: Uncover the microstructure of ceramics and glass for quality control and research.
  • Electronics & Semiconductors: Achieve pristine surfaces for accurate failure analysis and device development.

Metkon Advantage: A Symphony of Precision and Innovation:

  • Unmatched Versatility: From manual grinders to automated polishing systems, we cater to every workflow and budget.
  • Superior Performance: Powerful motors, robust construction, and precision control ensure exceptional results.
  • Unwavering Accuracy: Achieve mirror-like finishes with minimal material deformation and artifacts.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: Streamline your workflow with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design.

Explore the Metkon Grinding & Polishing Portfolio:

  • FORCIPOL 102/202 Series: Reliable and affordable single and dual-wheel grinding/polishing machines for everyday tasks.
  • FORCIPLAN / FORCIPOL 352 Series: Advanced semi-automatic systems for high-throughput sample preparation with unparalleled repeatability.
  • VELOX Series: Fully Automatic Programmable systems for high-throughput and operator free sample preparation.
  • ELOPREP 102: Automatic Electrolytic Polishing and Etching Equipment.
  • MOBIPREP: Portable and battery-powered handheld grinder/polisher for on-site analysis and field work.
  • Extensive Consumables: We offer a complete range of grinding discs, polishing cloths, diamond suspensions and other consumables specifically developed for optimal performance with our machines. Each consumable is meticulously designed to ensure minimal surface damage, efficient material removal, and perfect finishes for every material and application.

Invest in Excellence, Choose Metkon:

Metkon is more than just equipment; it's a commitment to quality, innovation, and your success. Our dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive support, from selecting the right tools to optimizing your workflow.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your materials? Contact us today and experience the difference.

Available in: Malaysia & Singapore
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Grinding and Polishing Products

Modular Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machines

FORCIPOL 102 Grinding and Polishing Machine

A versatile and affordable grinder and polisher with Single wheel, ideal for preparing material samples for scientific analysis.

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FORCIPOL 202 Grinding and Polishing Machine

A cost-effective solution for metallographic sample preparation, featuring Double wheels with variable speed control and a durable cast iron base.

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Advanced Grinding and Polishing Machine

ACCURA 102 Advanced Grinding and Polishing Machine

Delivers high-precision grinding and polishing for advanced applications. Its dual-column construction ensures exceptional stability, making it ideal for achieving extremely flat specimen surfaces.

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High-Volume Sample Preparation Systems

FORCIPLAN 352 High-Volume Planar Grinding Station (Semi-Automated)

A high-volume automatic grinder for efficiently flattening large metallographic, ceramic, or mineralogical specimens.

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FORCIPOL 352 High-Volume Grinding & Polishing Station (Semi-Automated)

A high-volume sample prep with its automated grinding and polishing, ideal for metallographic, ceramic, and mineralogical applications

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VELOX 102 Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding and Polishing system

Automates metallographic sample prep from start to finish, offering high-throughput grinding, polishing, cleaning, and drying for operator-free convenience. Queue up to 6 samples for non-stop grinding and polishing

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VELOX 102-JR Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding and Polishing system

Streamlines metallographic sample prep with automated grinding, polishing, cleaning, and drying, ideal for high-volume applications without manual intervention

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Consumables for Grinding & Polishing

Consumables for Grinders & Polishers

From diamond compounds to polishing cloths, Metkon's grinding and polishing consumables equip you for every step to reveal pristine sample surfaces

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