The HCS Hall Effect Measurement System from Linseis allows the characterization of semiconductor devices by measuring the electric transport properties, which cover Hall-mobility, Charge Carrier Concentration, Resistivity, Hall constant and Seebeck Coefficient.

Our instruments operate according to national and international standards such as ASTM F76 – 08 (Standard Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity and Hall Coefficient and Determining Hall Mobility in Single-Crystal Semiconductors).

Available in: Malaysia
Manufacturer's website : https://www.linseis.com/en/

Hall Effect Analyzer Products

Hall Effect Measurement System
HCS 1/ 10/ 100

The Linseis HCS Hall Effect Measurement System, comes with three magnet options which allows the characterization/analysis of semiconductor devices. The instrument measures electric transport properties such as mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and Hall constant.

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