Polymer Char is devoted to the development of state-of-art instrumentation for Polyolefin Analysis. They offers the broadest and most modern range of instruments and services for structural characterization of polyolefins such as Gel Permeations Chromatography (GPC/SEC), Chemical Composition Distribution, Bivariate Distribution, High Temperature HPLC, Soluble Fraction determination, Quality Control, Intrinsic Viscosity measurement, Preparative Fractionation or Infrared Detection.

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Intrinsic Viscosity Analysis Instrument

Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer (IVA)

Fully-automated instrument for determination of intrinsic viscosity in polymeric materials.

Polymer Char Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer (IVA) can analyze a wide range of polymers with IV values from 0.5dL/g up to over 40dL/g, such as polyolefins, PET, PAN, PMMA, and others, by using almost any organic solvent. For each of these polymers that have been tested, all of the Intrinsic Viscosity results are in good agreement with the traditional methods of reference.

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