Elastocon develops, manufactures and sells instruments for testing of rubber and plastic materials. Besides, Elastocon also offer instruments for existing test methods and develop instruments for new test methods. Our objective is to offer instruments with high precision, which gives accurate results.

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Low Temperature Elastomer Tester Products

TR Tester, ET 01-II

TR Tester, ET 01-II, for determination of low temperature characteristics by the temperature retraction procedure according to ISO 2921 and ASTM D1329. The values TR10 and TR30 are often used in material specifications. The software can present a curve with the elastic retraction up to 70 %.

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Gehman test, ET 02-II

Gehman Tester, ET 02-II, for determination of the relative stiffness characteristics of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers, also called the Gehman procedure. The test is done according to ISO 1432, ASTM D1053, or equivalent standards. The result is presented as the relative stiffness where the stiffness in RT is 1. If the test piece dimension are put into the software it can also calculate the modulus as a function of temperature.

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Brittleness tester, ET 05-II

Elastocon Brittleness Tester, ET 05-II, for automatic determination of Brittleness point according to ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137. This method determines the lowest temperature at which rubber materials do not exhibit brittle failure when impacted under specified conditions.

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