High Pressure Homogenizer

NLM 100

The NLM 100 is a lab scale high pressure homogenizer designed for ultra suspension and dispersion with high pressurized fluid. It offers high performance and results in carbons, cell disruption, homogeneous nano molecules and homogeneous particle size reduction fluidic stability. The Suflux® high-pressure device can generate high sheared levels to produce a consistent results of particle size reductions and homogeneous particle size distribution.


  • - Operates at pressure up to 1,500 bar(21,755 psi)
  • - Requires a minimum sample amount of 300 ml
  • - Suitable for laboratory and R&D purpose
  • - Achieves successful size reduction/disruption performance
  • - Cooling coil prevents from the sample temperature rise during processing
  • - Ensuring minimal heat denaturation of the sensitive materials
  • - Save on development time in pilot/production with linear volumetric scale up
  • - Provides enhanced repeatability with easy-to-use pressure control
  • - Has a compact design and solvent-resistant gasket materials