Particle Size & Shape Analysis

ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer

The FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the suitable particle sizer that can measure the particle size and produce the particle shape image of bulk solids, powders, suspensions and emulsion.


  • Dry measurement of powders and bulk solids - measuring range 20 μm – 20 mm
  • Wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions – measuring range 20 µm – 2.8 mm
  • Extra-wide measuring range, individually adjustable
  • Variable measuring time - below 5 minutes
  • High-performance camera with telecentric lenses
  • Fast, simple operation via SOP control
  • High-performance, integrated image analysis software ISS
  • Extensive library for morphological analysis
  • Useful tools for reliable quality monitoring
  • Practical report generator for individual presentation of results
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 13322-2 for Dynamic Image Analysis

Ideal for the analysis of: fertilisers, refractory products, glass and ceramics, carbon products, catalysts, plastics, foodstuffs, metals and ores, pharmaceutical products, carbon black and coal, salts, sand, abrasives and cements for fast, safe and uncomplicated quality control as well as in research and laboratories.

And a fast alternative to sieving: If you conduct many and frequent sieve analyses, the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the ideal, time-saving alternative completely without weighing, assembling of a sieve stack and time-consuming cleaning.

And with substantially reduced follow-up costs, as there is no need to calibrate or purchase new sieves. Additionally, you receive besides the particle size distribution, also valuable information about the particle shape.

Measuring range 20 µm - 20 mm
Method of analysis Dynamic Image Analysis
Standards ISO 13322-2
Measurement values particle shape and particle size
Lenses 3 different, easy-to-change telecentric lenses, measuring ranges:
1. 90 µm - 20 mm
2. 40 µm - 9 mm
3. 20 µm - 4.5 mm
Typical measuring time < 5 min (depending on the desired measuring statistics)
Typical sample quantity 10 - 100 g
Size of the measuring field (FoV) 3 lenses:
1. 53.8 x 45 mm
2. 24.1 x 20.2 mm
3. 11.5 x 9.62 mm
Camera USB 3.0 digital camera, 5 megapixel,
2448 x 2050 pixel resolution