Contamination Analyser

Pellet Analyser PA66

Pellet Analyser PA66 is a combination of high performance system of Pellet Shape and Size Distribution PSSD, Pellet Scan PS25C and CM2(colour measurement option) which conforms to the requirements with regard to purity, colour and various properties of the polymer pellets.

Its modular concept allows the measurement of colour spectrums (by Colour Measurement CM2), impurities and contaminations (by Pellet Scan PS25C), and size and shape irregularities (by Pellet Size & Shape Distribution PSSD) within seconds after material being fed to the instrument. Depending on customer requirements, the PA66 can be manual feeding or fed with the Pellet Transport System PTS during production process.

The system is operated by an external Windows interface computer system, which stores each production batch and all measurement test results automatically and available for analysis anytime by the user.


  • Colour Measurement CM2 (optional)
  • Pellet Scan System PS25C
  • Pellet Size & Shape Distribution System PSSD