Over the years, OCS has set the world standard in manufacturing the laboratory Pellets or Powder contamination analyser which is used for the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of the pellets and powder. The analyser can be integrated to on-line systems and monitors the polymer quality from the production in real time and improves the process control.

The instrument has high resolution camera with special lighting systems for detection of contamination. This is ensure the best possible pellet purity and form as well as the best possible powder consistency.

Available in: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Pellets/Powder Contamination Analyser

Pellet Scan PS25C

The Pellet Scan PS25C inspection system is used to detect and analyse transparent and opaque plastic materials in the form of pellets.

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Pellet Shape and Size Distribution

The Pellet Shape and Size Distribution PSSD is an instrument used for fast analysis and classification of the size and shape of granules/resin.

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Pellet Analyser PA66

Pellet Analyser PA66 is a combination of high performance system of Pellet Shape and Size Distribution PSSD, Pellet Scan PS25C and CM2(colour measurement option) which conforms to the requirements with regard to purity, colour and various properties of the polymer pellets.

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