Contamination Analyser

Pellet Scan PS25C

The Pellet Scan PS25C inspection system is used to detect and analyse transparent and opaque plastic materials in the form of pellets. The user normally feeds the material to be analysed, manually into a hopper or the materials can be fed automatically by an online system (Pellet Transport System) or a multi-hopper system. The pellets are transported on a vibrating channel and pass through the inspection zone where the pellets are inspected with a high-resolution 3-CCD-chip colour camera. The camera system are able to detect foreign bodies, impurities or colour deviations.

The Pellet Scan PS25C can be equipped with optional equipment such as sorting unit to separate contaminated pellets, remote control function, PTS Pellet transport system and UV-lighting.

The Pellet Scan PS25C guarantees optimum adaptation in laboratory operations and measuring stations in the production, monitoring and rapid reaction to any occurrences. All data will be stored for analysis and can be configured to display in various formats.


  • High resolution Camera from 20 μm
  • Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment
  • Real-time colour image analysis displayed results in various forms
  • Menu-controlled Windows interface and easy customisation