For over 75 years, Copley has been supplying equipment to leading pharmaceutical companies all across the world for testing tablets, capsules, powders, suppositories, semisolids and transdermals. Copley is also the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler testing equipment.

From simple hand-held units for use on the production floor, to semi-automated units for advanced analysis in the laboratory, Copley offers tablet hardness testers to suit every analyst’s needs.

Together with friability, hardness (or breaking force) is a defining physical characteristic for a tablet. High hardness values may indicate for example, longer disintegration and dissolution times, compromising the speed of drug delivery.

On the other hand, if hardness is too low, then friability may be also high, giving rise to poor product stability and compromised dose uniformity.

By examining correlations between hardness, disintegration, dissolution and friability, a dosage form with optimum characteristics can be produced.

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TBF 100i

The compact TBF 100i hardness tester from Copley delivers precise tablet hardness and diameter measurements.

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The TH3 Tablet Hardness Tester is a portable and simple-to-use tablet hardness tester, Ideal for use in the production area for a quick check of compression force.

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