Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA PT1000

The latest TGA PT1000 from LINSEIS for thermogravimetric applications utilizes a top loading design which has a very user friendly design. Weighing of samples of up to 5g is done electronically and its specially designed furnaces allows fast heating and cooling rates from 0.01 up to 150°C/min, as well as accurate temperature control from RT to 1100°C. It can also beequipped with a coupling device for Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA), making it the ideal solution for thermal stability, thermal composition and oxidation studies.


Model: TGA PT1000
Temperature range: RT up to 1100°C
Heating and Cooling rates: 0.01 to 150°C/min
Sample mass: up to 5g
Resolution: 0.1 µg
Vacuum: Yes (optional)
Cool down speed: < 15min (1100°C – 100°C)
Sample Carriers: TGA*
Sample Robot: 44/88 Positions
Electronics: integrated
Interface: USB / Ethernet
*calculated DTA/DSC