Thin Film Analyzer


The Thin Film Analyzer series from LINSEIS is the ideal tool to characterize a wide range of thin film samples in a fast and easy way. It is easy to use and delivers the highest quality of results with a patent pending design. All of the measurements are taken in the same direction and can provide a simultaneous results for a broad range of physical properties in a single measurement run.



Temperature range*: RT up to 200°C
Optional -170°C up to 300°C
Sample thickness:  From nm to µm range (depends on sample)
Measurement principle: chip based (pre-structured measurement chips, 15 pcs. per box)
Deposition techniques: include: PVD (sputtering, evaporation), ALD, spin coating, ink-jet printing and more
Measured parameters: electrical conductivity / resistivity
Optional: Seebeck coefficient
Thermal conductivity (3 Omega)
Specific heat
Hall constant / mobility / charge carrier conc.
electromagnet up to 1 T
Vacuum: up to 10^-5 mbar
Electronics: integrated
Interface: USB
Measurement range
Thermal conductivity 0.05 up to 200 W/m∙K
Electrical resistivity 0.05 up to 1 ∙ 10E6S/cm
Seebeck coefficient 5 up to 2500 μV/K
Repeatability & accuracy
Thermal conductivity ± 10% (for most materials)
Electrical resistivity ± 6% (for most materials)
Seebeck coefficient ± 7% (for most materials)