A perfect sample preparation is the indispensable foundation for every analysis - because any errors will be reflected in the results later on. Therefore the reliable creation of guaranteed representative subsamples plays an absolutely central role. The instruments for sample dividing, feeding and ultrasonic cleaning will make your work more efficient and guarantee a representative sample preparation.

The Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27 creates the optimal basis for reliable analysis of a representative sample.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam
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Vibratory Feeder Products

Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24

The Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24 is ideal for automatic, uniform feeding of free-flowing materials into sample dividers, mills or mixers in your laboratory. The vibration, which is controlled by a microprocessor, conveys the sample material out of the funnel over the U or V-shaped stainless steel channel into the respective equipment.

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