Gel Permeable Chromatography


For quality control, a compact high-temperature GPC instrument – GPC-QC was invented to fulfil the demand of manufacturing lines. It is a simple and reliable GPC instrumentin order achieve robust and precise Molar Mass Distribution (Mw) for process control.


  • Pilot plants
  • Plant start-ups
  • Monitoring grade changes in multiple - reactor processes
  • Monitoring the microstructure of pipe resins
  • Processors Laboratories

  • Full automation of the entire analytical process
  • Robust single sample dissolution station
  • One sample analysed in 30 min, including dissolution
  • IR4 or IR 5 MCT Detectors for Concentration and Short Chain Branching information
  • Optional incorporation of Dual Capillary Viscometer
  • Comprehensive results (MMD, SCB, IVD)
  • Outstanding repeatability thanks to the full automation and the detectors feasibility