Melt Flow Indexer / Melt Flow Index Tester, is also known as Plastometer, is an instrument used for measuring the value of melt flow index (MFR / MFI) in the unit of g/10min, and the melt volume flow rate (MVR) in the unit of cm³/10min of thermoplastic polymer. The sample can be in the form of pellets, powder or fine granules. Due to the versatile design, the melt indexer equipment can be configured with various automated options and many accessories for different applications. The Melt Flow Index Testers which we distribute are able to comply to melt flow rate testing according to EN ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 standard.

With the feature of automatic weight selection, our Melt Flow Indexer can carry out melt flow rate tests according to :
• ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238, procedures B,
• ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 procedure C for the "Half Height / Half Diameter" standard,
• Procedure D for the FRR test (Flow Rate Ratio) and ASTM D 3364,
• The manual procedure / method A is possible to be performed as well.

Built based on the design of the melt indexer, the IV Tester is used for determination of the intrinsic viscosity (IV), which is also called solvent viscosity (SV). The advantage of this IV tester is the instrument require no chemical solvents for the testing. User in the laboratory obtains the value of intrinsic viscosity for the characterisation of the average molecular weight of PET and PA-based polymers.

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Melt Flow Indexers Product

IV Tester

The IV TESTER is a simple device for the determination of Intrinsic Viscosity (IV or SV value), with no chemical solvents are used. This IV Tester is used in particular for quality control of polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA).

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The GÖTTFERT mi1 is a compact and user-friendly melt flow indexer ideal for cost-effective quality control. It delivers high-precision MFR and MVR measurements according to industry standards, while its simple operation and remote data viewing capabilities make it perfect for streamlined workflows.

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MI-2 series

The mi-2 Melt Flow Index series can carry out a single weight test according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238, procedures A, B and C. In addition it runs tests according to ASTM D 3364. The mi-2 easily performs melt-flow-rate (MFR), as well as melt-volume-rate (MVR) measurements. Due to the modular design of this system, it is possible to automate the measurement process step by step. The extrusion plastometer can be used either as a stand-alone instrument, or it can be run with a computer software for statistical analysis and data management. Depending on options, GÖTTFERT Melt Flow Index machines offer additional benefits, besides from just running according to ISO and ASTM. One such example would be obtaining elongational information.

MODEL: MI-2.1, MI-2.2, MI-2.3


The Melt Flow Index Tester MI-3 enables to measure the melt-flow-rate (MFR) and the melt-volume-rate (MVR) with a semi-automatic instrument.

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The Melt Flow Index mi40 with automatic weight selection can carry out tests according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238, procedures B, as well as ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 procedure C for the “Half Height / Half Diameter” standard. In addition, it runs tests according to procedure D for the FRR test (Flow Rate Ratio) and ASTM D 3364.

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MI-40 Visco

mi40 Visco is designed and developed with additional capability to perform measurements according to the standard ISO 11443 which is commonly used for capillary rheometers.

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The MI-ROBO runs the melt flow rate testing process by fully automatically performing sample loading, cleaning and die changing according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 standards for granulate as well as powder materials.

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