Melt Flow Indexers


Basic device with electrical weight lifting unit

The Melt Flow Indexer Mi-2.2 comes with an automatic weight lifting to make the handling easier and more convenient to handle weights of 5kg and more. The automated start of the measurement right after the melt time is over is a time saving option too.


  • Easy to operate and overviews touch-display
  • No air pressure required
  • High-precision timer with a resolution better than 0.001 s
  • Temperature control algorithm, resolution 0.1°C
  • Storage of up to 500 test plans with 3000 measurements each for stand-alone modulus
  • High-resolution position transducer to measure volume output (resolution 0,025,mm/Impulse)
  • Panel controlled automatic timer for off and on turning of the heating jacket
  • Ethernet and serial interface for connection of a scale
  • Basic weight 0,325 kg, measuring weights from 1,0 up to 21,6kg