FOM vectorSC

The FOM vectorSC slot-die coating system is designed from the ground up to allow easy control over coating on both flexible and rigid substrates. It is intended for solution-processed thin-film coatings of functional materials such as perovskites, OPV, CIGS, sensing, lighting and energy storage applications. The coater is an excellent choice from the spin coating towards medium-scale processing where substrates up to 300x200 mm can be freely positioned onto the sample holder. The entire setup can also be housed in a fume hood. With a high-performance integrated syringe pump and a specially designed slot-die head, precise wet-film thickness and minimum material consumption can be controlled.


  • Direct wet film thickness control and coating width up to 200mm
  • Automated coating via intuitive laptop interface
  • Compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates
  • Excellent flatness and fixation on microporous vacuum table
  • Substrate and slot-die head heating
  • Automated coating via intuitive laptop interface
  • Turnkey glovebox compatibility
  • Compatible with fluids up to 50,000 cP
  • Uniform dry film thicknesses from tens of nanometers to hundreds of microns
  • Nitrogen/air knife module option
  • High material efficiency compared to blade & spin coating
  • Simple scaling from lab to R2R on FOM moduloR2C